Julie Anne San Jose drops first single of the year “FREE”

Julie Anne San Jose drops first single of the year “FREE”

Julie Anne San Jose has the perfect song that would definitely make you feel good. Her latest single “Free” will instantly give you the energy that you need for the day. Aside from her exceptional talent in singing and dancing, she also showcased her rapper’s swag in her latest song.

Alongside her music creation, Julie Anne San Jose performs every weekend onstage for All-Out Sundays and stars as the lead female cast for the weeknight show “Heartful Cafè”. Following the release of her latest single “FREE”, Julie Anne San Jose is yet to surprise her listeners with the song’s official music video set to release soon.

Behind the song “FREE” was a team of genius producers both from the US and the Philippines — Herdy Casseus, Andrew Gonzales, Carlisle Tabanera and Ito Rapadas. Julie Anne San Jose also co-wrote the song with Eduardo Gonzalez and Denise Pimping.

‘FREE’ is out now on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and all digital stores worldwide under Universal Records.




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