ASICS announces the launch of the GEL-QUANTUM 90™ TYO, an ASICS SportStyle shoe designed in collaboration with Coca-Cola. 

With both Coca-Cola and ASICS having a history of promoting inclusivity through sports, the new GEL-QUANTUM 90™ TYO represents both companies moving forward with the concept named “PASS THE BATON TO THE FUTURE” as it reflects the shared hope for a bright and healthful future though this medium. 

Based on the popular active streetwear and town shoe, GEL-QUANTUM 90™, the new model features a GEL™ technology sole for improved shock absorbency. 

The shoe showcases distinct characteristics of both Coca-Cola and ASICS with bold colors and a clean look. The Coke red and white colors of the upper are evocative of the Coca-Cola brand, and the color of green heel, made of GEL™ technology, is inspired by the Georgia green of the Coca-Cola contour bottle.

Completing the look of the sneaker is the Coca-Cola logo adorning the ASICS Stripes and heel.

In addition, the sneaker was designed with the intent to reduce the carbon footprint of the product. The uppers of each pair of shoes are made using approximately four PET plastic bottles’ worth of recycled polyester, while the environmentally friendly sockliner base material are made of recycled polyurethane. Completing the sneaker, the sockliner was colored using a dope-dye technique that requires fewer inks and less water.

The GEL-QUANTUM 90™ TYO is avaiable in ASICS Manila Bay, ASICS Bonifacio Highstreet and ASICS Trinoma and retails at PHP 7,890.

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