Purchase your dream home in BRIA Magalang via the efficient and hassle-free Ohmyhome platform

Purchase your dream home in BRIA Magalang via the efficient and hassle-free Ohmyhome platform

For most people, a new home brings to mind a feeling of warmth, comfort, and stability—and of setting down roots. This is why couples about to start a life together consider purchasing a new house as an auspicious way to mark the joyous occasion. As they settle down and turn their house into a home, they look forward to celebrating more milestones together: having children, a job promotion, and venturing into business or a new career. 

Fortunately, new home buying trends now bring Filipino families closer to their dream of having their own home. Top real estate developers in the Philippines are offering budget-friendly properties and flexible payment schemes to make it easy for Filipinos to acquire the ideal property for their loved ones. 

For example, BRIA Homes, a leader in affordable housing development in the country, has built over 50 strategically located high-quality projects across the country. One such property development that starting families can look into is BRIA Homes Magalang, a 29-hectare community located at Barangay Sto. Rosario in Magalang, Pampanga. 

Purchase your dream home in BRIA Magalang via the efficient and hassle-free Ohmyhome platform

BRIA Magalang features a variety of house models to choose from: rowhouse Elena (22 sq. m. floor area on a 36 sq. m. lot area), two-storey townhouse Bettina (44 sq.m. floor area on a 36 sq.m. lot area), and single firewall Alecza (36 sq.m. floor area on an 81 sq.m. lot area).

All cozy and well-designed BRIA units have one- to two-bedrooms, service area, dining area, living area, and toilet and bath. The Bettina and Alecza units have a carport.  

Aside from a prime location near Mabalacat, Pampanga, and Concepcion, Tarlac, BRIA Magalang also features recreational facilities for its residents such as a basketball court, a covered court, jogging path, playground, guard house, 24/7 CCTV coverage and a perimeter fence. 

Consistent with the housing developer’s promise to make well-designed homes accessible to Filipinos, BRIA Homes partnered with successful property solutions platform Ohmyhome, which launched in the Philippines in September 2020. 

Purchase your dream home in BRIA Magalang via the efficient and hassle-free Ohmyhome platform

By simply visiting the Ohmyhome website or downloading the Ohmyhome application, prospective buyers can look at the ready-for-occupancy (RFO) house-and-lot units in BRIA Homes Magalang. They can also

Through Ohmyhome, property seekers in Pampanga can also seek assistance in purchasing a unit in BRIA Homes Magalang, among other BRIA properties. 

Because the real estate developer values affordability and quality, the prices of these stylish house-and-lot units range from Php 520,000 to Php 1,436,000, available through different flexible payment methods. Purchasing a unit in BRIA Magalang will also entitle customers to the following perks: free move-in fee, loan charges, and water and electricity installation. 

Interested homebuyers can head to the Ohmyhome app or website and initiate the housing transaction process thru the DIY option which comes free. Both the platform’s app and website feature simple and intuitive interfaces, making it easy for customers of various ages to use. 

For those who prefer professional assistance throughout the transaction process, Ohmyhome also offers the services of their highly trained agents. But whether customers avail of the DIY option or require agent assistance, Ohmyhome assures them of a fast, easy, and reliable housing journey.

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