SM Southmall’s Sustainability Efforts

SM Southmall’s Sustainability Efforts

This year, the mall has their goals set on extending the green movement beyond and helping create a more sustainable environment for the community. 

The launch of The Lush Initiative aims to do just that. If you’re pro-green, you are probably no stranger to the term Zero Waste. Zero Waste is a conscious effort to produce as little to no waste as possible. SM Southmall, in partnership with SM Cares and Silent Beads, wants to support this lifestyle by launching Zero Waste Ave. The campaign’s objective is to help more Southies get into the green spirit by providing a more accessible venue for Southies to recycle their e-waste, brown paper bags, plastic containers and bottles, cardboards, textiles, papers, and more. Check out their guidelines for donating below: 

You may think that what you’re doing has no significant impact to the environment but imagine a collective community effort working towards a goal – to help keep our home clean. Support the movement and donate your old stuff at the Zero-Waste Avenue at SM Southmall, Food Street Alfresco.

For more details about SM Southmall, you may visit @SMSouthmall on Facebook and Instagram

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