Love Frying? Breville Gives You A Chance To Enjoy It Without The Guilt

Millennials may get a lot of flak sometimes for being the woke, forward-thinkers that we are, but nobody can deny that our generation does have some of the brightest, most innovative perspectives the world has seen. We’re the generation that gave voice to a lot of new trends and insights—the masters of creating ‘new traditions’ that will most likely be carried by future generations. 

Love Frying? Breville Gives You A Chance To Enjoy It Without The Guilt

Take home lifestyle and general health for example. What used to be mundane and boring have now become overarching trends—a personality set even. Millennials have paved the way in waking up the world to the importance of healthy living and the romance behind this perspective. This, of course, also ushered in a new kind of demand when it comes to home partners as the majority of homemakers started looking into kitchen aids that can match their lifestyle expectations. 

This is where Breville comes in. An international premium kitchen label that has perfected the art of producing home partners that makes food preparation easy and healthy, the brand has continuously stepped up its game over the years to help consumers be masters of their kitchens. And though the brand has concluded its 10th anniversary in the Philippines last 2020, it has more surprises on its pipeline that every forward-thinking homemaker will surely love. Case in point, the recent launch of its newest product: the Smart Oven® Air Fryer.

The third generation of Breville’s best-selling pro ovens is a perfect example of a kitchen partner that just #GotSmarter. For one, it is the exact definition of versatility with its oven and air frying functions rolled in one smart product. Most of all, it turns the otherwise unhealthy process of frying on its head by introducing a new way of making food minus the guilt. 

Enjoy 10 cooking functions and a dual-speed convection feature that reduces cooking time by up to 30 percent with this new kitchen must-have. The Smart Oven Air Fryer is also armed with a smart algorithm that creates an ideal cooking environment that makes food prep friendly and easy even for beginner cooks. 

Love frying your food but craving to find a way to make it healthier? Breville is inviting you to join their “Hey, Home Fryer!” online launch event which will put the spotlight on the brand’s newest kitchen item and the many ways you can enjoy fried food with it. The session will also feature culinary luminaries like Chef Waya Araos-Wijanco (Executive Chef and Owner, Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe, Mental Health Advocate, co-founder of Open Hand School for Applied Arts), Chef Gem Tee (owner, Salta Ristorante), and other passionate home cooks who will share heritage and modern recipes that you can add in the roster of your culinary traditions. As experienced kitchen masters in their respective fields, they will also be giving insights and advice that they’ve learned over the years. 

The event is open to anyone and will be available via Breville’s Facebook Page on April 24, 3 PM. Don’t miss out on the chance to get a first and intimate look at the Smart Oven® Air Fryer in action and the many healthy culinary creations you can create with it. Follow Breville’s official Facebook page ( and Instagram ( for more details about the event. Want to know more about Breville’s products? Head to their website ( to learn more about them. 

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