TDCX Philippines: Thriving in the New Normal

TDCX Philippines: Thriving in the New Normal
Boutique BPO company TDCX thrives in the new normal by implementing key strategies and providing best-in-class experience for employees and clients

A year has gone by since the world was first hit by the COVID-19 outbreak and while many businesses are hurting, some have also been thriving.

Such is the case for TDCXconsidered one of the best BPO companies in the Philippines, as it declared its growth target for the year along with some process improvements for further expansion and development. This growth will be tied directly to the company’s commitment to stay to its vision of being the preferred partner to high-growth organizations and high-performing individuals. 

Presently, TDCX Philippines employs around 4,000 people from its sites in Metro Manila and Cebu City. By the end of 2021, the company’s goal is to expand its manpower to a headcount of 5,400. Including growth and backfill, this means 2,800 more Filipinos are expected to snag and enjoy promising BPO career opportunities this year. To successfully reach its target growth, TDCX has put key strategies in place.

Key Strategies for Growth

TDCX continues to offer its employees a competitive compensation and remuneration package that is confirmed to be 19% higher than other BPOs. Based on market research, TDCX is at the 75th percentile in the industry. The company also strives to provide candidates with a unique and exemplary experience in the recruitment process, consistently ensuring high ratings on popular career sites and social media platforms. With the spike in work-from-home, TDCX significantly leverages online portals and social media as a marketing tool. One year into the pandemic and these platforms have become their strongest sourcing channel. 

TDCX’s approach has always been fairly simple, yet, by no means, a walk in the park. Ever since, the company has believed that to win the war for talent, they must become an ideal employer, a top employer in their field. Over the years, TDCX has worked hard to achieve and maintain this enviable position. Their steadfast commitment to becoming an employer of choice is evidenced in their many different operations, from their global corporate social responsibility program, seamless recruitment & onboarding, strong employee engagement to desirable culture, and employer marketing. 

As infallible proof of their hard work, TDCX has bagged prestigious awards such as Best Companies to Work for in Asia and  Philippines’ Best Employer Brand

Process improvements in the pipeline 

Digitization is one of the key drivers of TDCX’s sustained growth amid the pandemic. As the company ceaselessly strives to give the best BPO experience to all its stakeholders, it also welcomes the opportunity to innovate and grow. Under the new normal, TDCX adapted to the evolving business landscape and improved its capability to enable clients to scale faster. This suite of solutions supports its blended operations with onsite and remote employees, and covers the following:

● 100% remote hiring

● People management system

● Payroll

● Interactive chatbot support for HR inquiries and requests

● Cloud learning platform

● Online coaching system

● Online engagement solution

● Gamified reward and motivation tool

By quickly adapting to the online format, TDCX was able to ensure their clients’ uninterrupted growth while sustaining and generating more jobs.  

Account acquisitions and global expansion

TDCX has also been gaining more partnerships from organizations in industries that are expected to grow due to the pandemic – eCommerce, online services, and online gaming to name a few. The boutique BPO added more partners in its portfolio in the first quarter and is positioned to win more for the rest of the year. 

At a global level, TDCX is experiencing rapid growth as it expands its footprint into other territories. Last year, there were newly opened sites in both Colombia and India, and for 2021, TDCX recently opened its first Eastern European office in Bucharest, Romania, where it is expected to employ upwards of 100 people within the first year of operations. TDCX Romania will not only complement TDCX Spain’s operations but also strengthen the BPO company’s presence in the European region.   

COVID-19 is a ‘black swan’ event, one the world neither expected nor experienced ever before. Although growth continues to be elusive for many businesses in this year dominated by the pandemic, it’s not impossible. TDCX’s workforce, for one, is ready, equipped, and empowered to serve clients this year. With operational strategies and business improvements in place, backed by a strong business development team and experts working from all TDCX locations across the globe, TDCX is poised to continuously provide excellent results for its clients. 

To get the best outsourced customer care and to know more information about TDCX, visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.    

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