Curve Coffee Collaborators Is Brewing a New Age of Coffee

Heart, Soul, and Passion: Curve Coffee Collaborators Is Brewing a New Age of Coffee

No matter what the world is facing, coffee has been tested time and time again as a classic source of joy, comfort, and energy. With its strong, full-bodied taste, it can warm the body, soothe frayed nerves, and complement a world of flavors. Coffee is akin to conversation and relaxation, inseparable from the fabric of daily life.  Simply put, it has become something we cannot live without.

These days, consumers have embraced a new wave of coffee—from hole-in-the-wall independent café concepts to brewing their own beans right at home. Moreover, they want to feel a connection to their purchases, supporting local products from companies that embrace sustainable practices.

As the coffee trade began to grow in the late 1900s, Equilibrium Intertrade Corporation (EQ), the Philippines’ leading distributor of a wide range of high-quality products and innovative solutions for coffee, tea, and specialty beverages, saw the need to expand their products from Torani Syrups and Sauces to other renowned products; which is why Curve Coffee Collaborators (CURVE) was established. CURVE addresses the new market shift, taking pride in being able to represent its coffees throughout the entire value chain. Curve has dedicated its craft to seek, roast, and distribute the best of Philippine specialty coffees, working with various local coffee farms, farming communities, cooperatives, processors, baristas, and cafes nationwide.

As its name implies, CURVE strives to discover the unique roasting curves of different beans to produce only the best-tasting coffee. Roasting Curves help roasters determine the best roasting profiles—the specific temperature, cycles, approaches, to the length of the time needed to dry out a certain coffee variety.

From seed to cup

With the Philippines being home to a vast array of coffee crops, CURVE’s mission is to create the perfect drink each and every time, taking the customers along the journey from seed to cup. Through its partnership with different coffee farmers, CURVE is able to create future-proof, dynamic coffee farming as well as post-harvest processes to produce premium coffees.

True to its commitment of espousing game-changing solutions, sustainable, and socially-responsible business practices, CURVE supports programs that are able to preserve ecosystems, promote recycling, as well as make use of earth-friendly materials in its business operations. By planting seeds for a circular economy, CURVE is able to reduce its consumption of limited resources and diminish the impact on nature, while creating reusable business value for waste.

Made with love for the planet

Keeping in mind the importance of minimizing the impact of waste on the environment, CURVE recently unveiled its compostable packaging for its products. Made from earth-friendly materials, consumers can rest assured that these will naturally breakdown into healthy compost to provide further sustenance for plant life.

Coffee packaging, for instance, is thoughtfully recycled to breathe new life and purpose into them instead of being disposed of after a single use. Through a collaboration with different cafes and clients, CURVE is able to upcycle these into handy canvas and jute tote bags, transforming these into reusable everyday staples. In this manner, CURVE is also helping to create livelihood opportunities for seamstresses in Laguna, a province known for its world-class craftsmanship.

Even CURVE’s marketing collaterals are made with the planet in mind. It works with many local brands to source high-quality business supplies such as edible straws made out of rice flour, to “sproutable” cards, which can be planted after use.

Planting a brighter future for local coffee farmers

The sustainable practices don’t end with the choice of materials used in CURVE’s business. At the heart of its enterprise are the locally sourced coffee varieties which are processed using only natural means. CURVE’s SamoyaoLake NapalitIlocos Fine Robustaand Primitiva Fine Robusta coffees hail from different topographies, bringing a delicious sampling of the Philippines’ best brews. 

Samoyao is an estate bourbon and typica coffee from the mountain ranges of Ampucao in Itogon, Benguet, distinguished by its cherry, almond, and spiced notes, while Lake Napalit from the Kalatungan Mountains in Pigtauranan, Bukidnon boasts of a floral, tea-like, jackfruit flavor. 

As the focus towards improving the processing of Robusta coffees begins, cup quality has also started to enhance. Ilocos Fine Robusta, on the other hand, stimulates the senses with its sweet, tea-like flavor profile with notes of blackcurrant. Primitiva Fine Robusta, another variety from Pigtauranan, Bukidnon, produces a well-balanced, complex cup with its surprising notes of spice, dried berries, and nuts.

Through the natural process, less or no water at all is consumed, helping local partner farmers who have limited to no consistent access to water. Through this method, the layers of pulp, skin, parchment, and mucilage that envelop the bean are eliminated and can be resold by the farmers into the market as raw ingredients.

CURVE wants only the best for its customers, which is why it is passionate for meticulously developing a business model that supports farmers and partners, cares for the earth, and delivers the perfect brew each and every time. Customers not only get a delicious drink but are connected to the amazing story behind every bean—a farm-to-cup experience that gives a whole new dimension to the roasted beverage we all love.

To learn more information about Curve Coffee Collaborators and its products, visit or follow them on social media at and You may also contact CURVE at (632)8862-3041-43.

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