Globe Virtual Hangouts Brings a Reinvented Concert Experience with GoJAM Live x Karpos Live 360 Sessions

Globe Virtual Hangouts Brings a Reinvented Concert Experience with GoJAM Live x Karpos Live 360 Sessions

Relaxing after a long day at work or school used to be as easy as calling your friends to hang out or packing a weekend bag for a spontaneous trip with the family. But with restrictions still limiting travel and outdoor activities, how does one unwind at home? 

One way is through Globe Virtual Hangouts! By putting out digital events and activities geared towards different passion points of the youth such as music, K-Culture, school-oriented experiences, and eSports, Globe empowers Gen Zs to reinvent the way they attend events and connect with their squad from the safety of their home.

This year, Virtual Hangouts has a lot in store for music lovers starting with the GoJAM Live x Karpos Live 360 Sessions. Many of us already miss the energy and excitement of seeing our favorite bands and artists perform live, and so through these virtual 360 concerts, you will be able to have an immersive live gig experience – it’s almost as if you’re right there at the venue!

Fans can also get to know the featured artists more and find out their own stories of reinvention through interviews and games all in a choose your own adventure style!

Homegrown talents Jason Dhakal, Claudia Baretto, Leanne and Naara, and Clara Benin have already taken the GoJam Live x Karpos Live stage and last March 15, Lola Amour also kicked off the summer vibe with a fun performance of their hits. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming GoJam Live x Karpos Live 360 Sessions, because who knows, your favorite artist might be featured next!

To join, just open the GlobeOne App, choose GoJam Live x Karpos Live 360 Sessions from the list of available events and click “Join in SHOOR” to redeem your slot for the event. From the Virtual Hangouts VIP site, participants will be redirected to an interactive video page of the 360 concert.

Virtual Hangouts GoJAM celebrates summer this year with a bang with the VH Fest: Reinvent Summer and Go, a virtual 360 music festival happening on April 17 starting at 6 PM. Headlining this music festival is singer-songwriter I Belong to the Zoo, who is known for his often beautifully heartbreaking hits like ‘Sana’ and ‘Balang Araw.’ Performing as well would be musical acts Oh Flamingo, Keiko Necesario, Ysanygo, and Brisom. More details will be up soon on Globe’s social media pages, so stay tuned

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