Provocative couture. Unexpected elegance. Conceptual glamour. These are the creative pillars of Viktor&Rolf. As fashion artists, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren believe that true power is the power of the imagination; the power to transform anything into something positive. This guiding principle and creative force invites a constant evolution of creativity and experimentation. With Haute Couture as their ultimate laboratory for expression, Viktor&Rolf’s iconic collections present the explorations of their artistic prowess – every time building on their 25-year archive of cerebral, yet wearable art. 


As in their Atelier, Viktor&Rolf approach olfactory development with meticulous technical refinement. The alchemy of their fragrances is too a magical process of transformation, of chemistry, of artistry. Flowerbomb is the ultimate illustration of this – the hallmark specimen from Viktor&Rolf’s laboratory in which they are constantly tinkering and striving for perfection. Flowerbomb is the iconic, transformative potion that with its profusion of flowers has the power to make everything seem more positive. An ode to femininity that has the power to transform the negative into the positive, Flowerbomb transcends the traditional traits of a scent and is rather an experience; a modern flower power exuding an air of opulence, with rich, meticulously layered notes that become one with she who wears it, leaving not only a remarkable trail but a memory. 


Delicate drops of floral dew freshness on a nude skin. Flowerbomb Dew seamlessly melts onto fresh skin enveloping the senses with a Dewy Rose Accord, Sensual Iris Concrete and Intimate Musks creating a glowing floral sensation. Viktor&Rolf refresh their fragrance universe introducing a new day and a new dawn for Flowerbomb with Flowerbomb Dew. With this new chapter debuts a light, sensual yet powerful dew mist that applies as a delicate and natural second-skin, that naturally accentuates and compliments. Like a subtle drop of moisture on a rose petal from the morning dawn, Flowerbomb Dew silkens over fresh, dewy skin ushering in a new day, a new opportunity, an exploration of the senses, a transformation and a return to essentials. A natural second-skin. A pure natural glow. A sense of self. 


With crisp, sparkling and succulent top notes of Pear Accord and Bergamot Essence, Flowerbomb Dew captivates the senses with a first Delicate Dew Accord featuring its star ingredient of the Dewy Rose Accord, which smoothly opens to a floral, sensual heart highlighted by iridescent, musky addictive nuances from the Ambrette Seeds Absolute. The precious Dewy Rose Accord is born here – manifesting an olfactive experience capturing a rose that grows in water infused with transparent dew for a scent that melts like water on your skin.

A garden rose from the tea rose family, the Dewy Rose is a hybrid rose conceived from breeding hybrid perpetual roses and tea roses. Growing in water, the result is a magnificent flower tinted with rosy and white striations, which continue to unveil their beauty – petal by petal – from Spring’s first moments to Autumn.

On account of The Living™ flower technology – which provides a solution to capture scents of life without destroying it and delivers more lifelike fragrance oils than traditional extraction – the Dewy Rose Accord captures and recreates the scent of a living flower. Faceted to the floral heart of Flowerbomb Dew and complemented by Rose Essential™ Essence and Living™ Fragrant Dewy Rose Hydroponique, the Dewy Rose Accord offers a fresh, petaly highlight. 

The second, Sensual Accord is accented with a tea facet enhanced by the feminine Orris Concrète LMR note – rich with its powerful, floral trail. This new opus reveals both an addictive and sensual dry down, where the Heliotrope Accord’s almondy, floral, balsamic and vanilla-scented notes blend with the woody, ambery, musky sensuality of Cashmeran. 

The third and final Second-Skin Accord is illuminated by Hedenolide musk <captive IFF musk>; Ambrette Seeds Absolute and Vanilla Bean CO² Extract bring the hallmark, iconic Flowerbomb core scent full circle with its iridescent and musky addiction.


  • The Delicate Dew Accord: a dewy fresh and sparkling rose with a hint of vibrant pink pepper (Dewy Rose Accord – Rose Essential Essence – Rose Oxyde).
  • The Sensual Accord: a feminine orris with an almondy addiction (Orris Concrète – Heliotrope Accord – Cashmeran).
  • The Second-Skin Accord: a soft and enveloping musk with creamy vanilla notes (Hedenolide Musk <captive IFF Musk> – Ambrette Seeds Absolute – Vanilla Bean CO2 Extract)


Working alongside Viktor&Rolf, an acclaimed cast of iconic perfumers brought Flowerbomb Dew to life with their profound experience and refined sense of alchemy and artistry. Domitille Michalon-Bertier, Carlos Benaïm (both noses behind the seminal Flowerbomb original) and Dominique Ropion have seamlessly partnered with Viktor&Rolf – each bringing their robust, individual style and olfactory expertise to this magically delicate, luxurious and intimate scent.

Bringing profound French perfume knowledge as Sr. Perfumer with IFF, Domitille Michalon-Bertier presents a feminine sensibility to her successful portfolio bringing a chemist training to the process in addition to deep experience on many of Viktor&Rolf’s fragrances. Extremely fond of very daring and unusual fragrance associations, Domitille Michalon-Bertier has a very vivid, salient style that is both powerful and contrasting.

A French master perfumer of myriad iconic scents, Dominique Ropion is renowned for both his technical skill and profound knowledge of French perfume – reversing the process of working with perfume as an olfactive form, like a sculptor or an architect. Dominique Ropion brings his affinity for creating with classic flowers, animal notes and sandalwood.

Similarly, IFF Master Perfumer Carlos Benaïm brings a wealth of global knowledge and experience from the Viktor&Rolf family of fragrances – as a self-identified composer of scents, seamlessly blending natural ingredients with innovative technologies. Carlos Benaïm’s scents are both elegant and contemporary – the art of perfume is in the snapshot according to him – a lingering impression left in the air after its wearer has left the room. 


Flowerbomb Dew’s transparent, pearlescent white bottle mimics its second-skin nature. In keeping with Flowerbomb’s diamond grenade silhouette yet in contrast to previous forms in darker palettes, Flowerbomb Dew is a presence unto itself. The bottle design is light like the subtle drop of moisture on a morning rose much like the delicate, dewy mist of the juice contained within. The outer box reflects a floral second-skin – in contrasting, impactful tonal whites and pinks embossed with Viktor&Rolf’s iconic Haute Couture flower. This bottle palette and packaging is a creative departure for Viktor&Rolf yet in keeping with Flowerbomb’s hallmark cylindrical shape and adorned with a precious pink metal plate. 


In an evolution of her inaugural Flowerbomb Midnight campaign captured by Inez & Vinoodh which broke in March 2019, enigmatic actress Anya Taylor-Joy continues her partnership with Viktor&Rolf with the launch of a new Flowerbomb campaign for the iconic Eau de Parfum to be revealed in early 2020. For Viktor&Rolf Anya Taylor-Joy is emblematic of Flowerbomb and represents power in transformation – she is at once sensual and powerful, feminine and bold and uniquely multi-dimensional. Featuring both Flowerbomb and the new Flowerbomb Dew fragrances and harkening back to the iconic Flowerbomb imagery, the new campaign reveals Anya Taylor-Joy fresh-faced and lightly veiled with pink tulle and radiant skin.

An on-screen force, American-born, British-Argentinian’s raw, edgy performances made her transition in 2019 from emerging young actress to Hollywood star. Not for Anya Taylor-Joy, the thankless secondary roles: her characters play with danger instead. Determined, forthright and self-aware, the strength of the woman behind the actress mirrors the female-driven films she brings to screen. 

Taylor-Joy is indeed multidimensional on and off screen showing her breadth and depth in roles and uniquely versatile look. With her talent to metamorphose, Anya Taylor-Joy powerfully captures Flowerbomb’s juxtaposing spirits of transformation. 


With the launch of Flowerbomb Dew, Flowerbomb adds a chapter to its ever-evolving olfactive story. With Flowerbomb Dew completing the Flowerbomb Collection, the fragrance range is accompanied with an arc of scent offerings from spanning intensity and the transformational power of Flowerbomb.

The Flowerbomb Collection offers a Choose Your Intensity range with Flowerbomb Dew, the iconic Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum, and Flowerbomb Nectar from the lightest to the most intense. From the light floral glow and the delicate drop of a rose with Flowerbomb Dew to the addictive, enchanting floral explosion of Flowerbomb to the intense, burst of bewitching and intoxicating flowers of Flowerbomb Nectar this union offers the hallmark notes of the iconic scent in a personalized way that is tailored for every Flowerbomb lover in every season.

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