51Talk holds its 10 Years Certified Conference, highlights Filipino talent in the global English market

51Talk recently held its 10 Years Certified Conference 2021 led by Jack Huang, Founder and CEO of 51Talk, in Beijing, China where major announcements and updates about the online English education platform were presented as they celebrate their 10th anniversary this year. 30,000 online English teachers in the Philippines use 51Talk to teach and earn at home through conducting live one-on-one lessons to learners in China. 

51Talk Founder and CEO Jack Huang shares the milestones achieved by 51Talk through the years as well as his vision for the platform at its 10 Years Certified Conference 2021 in Beijing, China.

Mr. Huang, in his keynote address, underscored the important role of Filipino teachers in delivering high-quality online English lessons to students. 

“During the past decade, Filipino teachers have risen to become one of the most popular foreign teaching groups in China. As the online Education industry matures, Filipino teachers are expected to play a bigger role in the future, both for 51Talk and bilateral exchanges,” said Mr. Huang. 

Through innovations using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, students at 51Talk will be able to interact with virtual teachers who will guide students with warm-up activities before hopping into the live classes.

51Talk Co-Founder and COO Liming Zhang, in his presentation at 51Talk’s 10 Years Certified Conference 2021 in Beijing, China, talked about the disruptive nature of the brand in the online Education industry and how Filipino teachers play a big role in the education cooperation between the Philippines and China.

“In the past ten years, 51Talk has relentlessly promoted Filipino teachers here in China to make them understand that Filipinos are talented, passionate, and capable of teaching Chinese children,” said 51Talk Co-Founder and COO Liming Zhang. “Today, Filipino teachers have become the backbone of China’s foreign English education market. The charm of Filipino educators is very evident because other brands have now launched in the Philippines,” he added.  

Mr. Zhang also shared that Filipino teachers and their students have formed a bond of friendship and mutual care through exchanging greetings and even gifts during holidays and family celebrations signaling a solid foundation for the education and cultural exchange between the two countries.  

True to 51Talk’s mission of enabling everyone to speak to the world, 51Talk’s Academic Development Lead Lucy Qu discussed 51Talk’s new age educational innovations and forward-looking English educational products at 51Talk’s 10 Years Certified Conference 2021 in Beijing, China.

“51Talk has been committed to making English education products that understand children better. And at the core of the online English education system are Filipino teachers,” according to Ms. Lucy Qu, Academic Development Lead at 51Talk.

“51Talk’s AI pre-class is a flexible, convenient and a powerful learning tool before a live lesson. This will satisfy the learner’s language learning ability and stimulate their interest. The AI pre-class is one of our core highlights this year and it solves learning challenges by having a pre-class before the teacher’s live one-on-one lesson,” added Ms. Qu. 

Zeeryl Vivi, a home-based teacher at 51Talk, delivered a video message at the conference attended by the international and Chinese press and education stakeholders, where she considers 51Talk as a blessing. 

“Living in a small city here in the Philippines, there are a few opportunities available to me. 51Talk allowed me to live my life to the fullest while also enjoying a few niceties once in a while,” the 24-year-old teacher said, adding that “through online English education between Filipino teachers and Chinese students, a deep connection and a digital bridge of friendship is being built.”

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