My Toxic Lover premieres this April

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With the new Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) announcement and  restrictions, the airing of “My Toxic Lover” premiere episode will be moved on April 10, 2021.

Pepps TV and the team behind the YouTube series honor and respect the government’s decision. They remain committed to do their part to help protect their talents, production staff, attendees and partners.

A YouTube Series, “My Toxic Lover” led by actors Iñaki Torres and Kevin Jay Secoya is about a young man in a not-so-ordinary state of stardom who meets someone who will change his heart and make him realize how it really feels to be in love.

They cross paths in an unfortunate event that leads to this whole romantic-comedy chase around the entire journey of self-discovery, and the unveiling of what true love can be beyond principles and adversities.

It is a YouTube series under a new and rapidly-trending genre called BL or “Boy’s Love”.

It is a NEW Genre that is making waves all across Asia, which originated in Japan in the 1970s and was then called “Yaoi” which directly translates to :These romances between beautiful boys”.

By the 90s, the fanbase of the genre grew larger where it scattered throughout Thailand, Singapore, and now the Philippines.

The popularization of anime on TV alongside the growth of internet culture in the country has led to Filipino fans stumbling upon BL, and is now one of the most-watched genre on YouTube.

Let us all together watch the premiere episode this April.

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