Mega Global Founder and CEO Shares Business Learnings on Weathering Through the Pandemic and Beyond

45 years in the business is sure to have been filled with milestones and challenges, but running a business amidst a pandemic is a different thing altogether. While nothing could have prepared anyone for how COVID-19 has drastically altered the way we do things, there is no other way but to adapt and move forward.

Mega Global Founder and CEO Shares Business Learnings

During the recently convened PANA General Membership Meeting, Mega Global Corporation Founder and CEO William Tiu Lim took a few important life lessons from his book which he thinks are key factors that helped his company weather through the past year. 

  • Do not always do business as usual. Faced with an entirely new situation, the only way to move forward is to pivot and adapt. The ways of old no longer work, and so applying changes is necessary if you want to survive. 
  • Build loyalty and trust from within. Establishing trust and loyalty from the start will pay off when the company is faced with challenges. You can depend on your people to deliver their best and work together to weather through the storm. It establishes the core of resiliency from within. 
  • Prioritize product quality amidst crisis.  Be a brand that your customers can count on. And in the midst of a crisis, there is no better way to prove to be a reliable brand than prioritizing customer satisfaction and well-being by continuously providing them with quality products they have come to love. Not only does it help them in terms of value, but a well-loved brand provides comfort in a time of uncertainty. 
  • The heart to survive will get you through. The will to win over challenges is a strong driving force in making things happen for your company. As Mr. Tiu Lim said in his speech, “If you keep changing your focus, you have less time to succeed. You have to put your heart and mind to your vision and never give up, no matter the odds.” It starts with a focused heart and mind. 

Today, Mega Global Corporation houses the number one sardine brand in the country, Mega Sardines. From a humble fishing vessel in 1975, they have now grown to over 88 vessels, 2 operational manufacturing plants and 1 under development, and 2 headquarters. There were many hurdles faced before the company reached where it is today, but the contingency of building resiliency across all business practices proved to be key in getting through the challenge that was 2020. 

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