Game face on and #SpeakUpForNature in Earth Hour: Your Turn

earth hour 2021

The international gaming community is set to come together for Earth Hour: Your Turn–the first-ever collaborative global live streaming event of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Network.

The virtual streaming series, which will run from March 13 to 28, aims to raise funds to support WWF’s environmental conservation efforts around the globe to build a climate-resilient future for people, nature, and wildlife. 

“Earth Hour: Your Turn is the first-ever collaborative global livestream fundraising event at WWF. With the support of WWF-International, six WWF country offices have worked together to mobilize the streaming community for this event, to move beyond symbolic actions for Earth Hour, and commit to making an impact through the best way they can – charity streams. In the face of the climate crisis and a global pandemic, it’s not enough for us to work within our own countries. This Earth Hour, we are leading by example, harnessing the power of our WWF network to save our one and only home. This isn’t just another Earth Hour event. This is the start of building a worldwide movement for nature, starting with the creators of this generation. And in this generation, everyone is a creator. We’re here to remind everyone that we are all connected, not just to each other, but to nature. And together, we can put nature back on the global agenda and change the ending. Whether it’s by hosting your own WWF charity stream, donating to another creator’s campaign, or spreading the word on social media – everything counts. Because alone, we may feel small. But together, anything is possible,” shared WWF-Australia Livestream Fundraising Coordinator Lucy Chen.

Over 100 gamers from the Philippines are joining the series, including Ninjas in PyjamasAce GamingXtrudeGeeeeejLola GamingAlv Flamehaze GamingSheila SnowZedeliciousKhenji GamingMike Daime, and Yuki Chow who will stream League of Legends, Call of DutyMobile Legends, and Valorant playthroughs on their social media pages and Twitch channels.

Vincent Luz, Ninjas in Pyjamas Head of Community Growth, shared how the gaming community can help #ChangeTheEnding for the environment.

“One of the biggest challenges of this generation is the environment. It’s of utmost importance that we stand together to face it, and WWF-PH is doing a tremendous job raising awareness through initiatives such as Earth Hour. We’re proud to team up with an organization serving as many great causes as WWF. Significant for the gaming community is our ability to come together to make a difference. We’ve proved it many times, and this is no different. Gaming offers so many platforms for our community to raise awareness, and it’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

“We only have one Earth and we must protect it at all cost. The gaming community is such a broad community and therefore will be a perfect place to share knowledge and awareness to everyone involved in it,” added Mika Daime.

WWF-Philippines is set to hold more virtual events in the next few weeks for Earth Hour. For more information, log on to or stay tuned to WWF-Philippines’ official social media pages for the complete lineup and schedule. This Earth Hour 2021, let’s face the climate crisis and let our actions speak up for nature.

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