Blockchain-powered SAM empowers women through entrepreneurship

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In celebration of the International Women’s month, the blockchain-powered Smart Asset Managers (SAM) is offering its various platforms in both conventional and non-conventional business models to empower women by enhancing their entrepreneurial experience.

SAM Digital Technology Founding Chairman Rommel Santos said one of the main goals of SAM is to make the general community aware of the SAM Women Empowerment Program by unleashing their potential within. Unfortunately, he said, most often the entrepreneurial skills of most individuals are ignored “because they lack self-esteem, personality and confidence. “

Santos stated, “Thru the SAM Advocacy, we believe these lacking methodologies can be learned and this is what exactly we are going to do. However, this cannot be done without a systematic collaborative and collective talent approaches and contributions from the professional industry.  Most of the time they can come but at a high price.”

Santos is a Filipino-New Zealander based in Australia.

One of the women entrepreneurs empowered by SAM DT is Eloisa Francesca Figueroa, a Filipina flight attendant who is based in Saudi Arabia. She said her experience working overseas has shown her some of the challenging difficulties faced by people working overseas, with some of them almost impossible to change.

However, she believes that through entrepreneurial learning system, women could be empowered “and we can make a change, a plan for the future and not just for ourselves but our entire ecosystem as a whole. Only then we can prove to ourselves that change is possible if we will commit to change.”

Santos explained that SAM’s basic approach is encouraging education that promotes sustainability and financial stability. This advocacy program of the company is seen “as work in progress” to benefit thousands of women who will enrol in the program and looking to mento hundreds of thousands more in a global scale.

Professional blogger Cindy P. Dominguez added that women empowerment is a process, while stating that breaking free the stereotype where women are dependent on men requires small steps “to do something for yourself, without needing to ask anyone permission.”

“A woman has her own mind and can decide what food to buy, what food to serve, what bills are to be paid, how to do most things at home.” Dominguez said and added, “she can also decide and has the right to decide on how to make the pooled family funds get to earn.”

Smart Asset Managers provide women with a financial decision that follows the rules of putting aside what you can afford. To subscribe is at only a thou, and for your Ipon Challenge, a SAMKoin may be purchased for one USDT which cost only about 50 pesos, and you can buy just one SAMKoin cryptocurrency, and keep on buying one whenever you can save that 50 pesos for your future. It does not cost a lot, and instead of buying a new pair of shoes, you can use it to be part of the empowering women’s community of Smart Asset Managers. 

For her part, Dianne Yabut-Luna, CEO of wellness clinic Integrated Laser and Complementary Medicine (ILACAM) which recently partnered with SAM, pointed out that the wellness industry has manifested a considerable growth during the last 25years and it has become the primary contributor to the nation’s economic progress because it is considered now as a necessity.

Luna encourages every woman who is interested in the medical field or those who wanted to earn extra money using only their “entrepreneurial attitude and drive to succeed,” to join their team.

Commenting on the lingering COVID-19 disease, Santos said the global pandemic offers unprecedented opportunities for women as Santos expects the digital lifestyle to ride a robust tide in the months ahead.

“The potential of the digital technologies right now is actually 10 years ahead of the conventional technology that has long been in place. So, I think, people need to look at the digital side of everything,” Santos said. “What I suggest is that they enhance the digital services that they are offering to people. Because, right now, it’s about adaptation.”

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