Craving for Pinoy Food? Tara, G with GoodAh!!!


With everyone encouraged to stay at home as much as possible this year, Pinoy love for heartwarming, delicious, and homey food has intensified.

Many have taken to cooking. But sometimes, the mood for something fast and good strikes. Of course, being the connoisseurs that we are, we don’t want to settle. True-blue Pinoys want to eat scrumptious food, whether at the office or in their own homes. For moments like this, nothing beats traditional tatak-Pinoy grub.

“I love to cook. But sometimes, I can’t be bothered to do anything in the kitchen, especially since I live alone,” shares Ray, a Digital Marketing Creative for a medium-sized business in the metro. “I’ve been put in a work-from-home set-up since March and, ironically, I find it more tiring sometimes because the line between your work and your personal life blurs. When I feel like that, I just usually get food delivered.” 

“Definitely Filipino food,” Grace, a virtual assistant, answers when asked about the type of food she usually gets. “I’m not new to food delivery. I’ve been ordering in even before the pandemic and all because I barely have time to cook or eat out. I love it because you can try different cuisines without leaving your home. But when I feel like I want something special but familiar, I definitely go for Pinoy food.” 

These comforting, tasty, and familiar meals are exactly what homegrown food chain store GoodAh!!! has been providing to Filipinos for more than thirty years. The all-native restaurant popularized the now-iconic “Tapsilog” in the Filipino vocabulary, and until now continues to provide hearty meals to everyone, while continuously elevating its menu.

Like many other businesses, GoodAh!!! has made it easier for people to enjoy local dishes through delivery this year. What’s great is that it has almost everything and anything a Pinoy food lover would crave for under the sun. The food chain serves classic Pinoy food, staying true to their essence while still elevating them in such a way that they become even more enjoyable.

The Goodah!!! Altanghap menu includes silog varieties, barbecues, and local viands like sinigang and bistek. The Lugaw and Noodles menu features gotos, arrozcaldos, and mami—all perfect for the Amihan season. Last, but not least, their Pampalamig choices feature another local favorite, the Halo-Halo.

GoodAh!!!!’s delivery service is also perfect for families quarantining together because of their For Sharing menu which includes classics like Kare Kare, Crispy Pata, Herb Chicken and the like. People who want to enjoy a Pinoy-style family feast can easily complete their weekend spread by having them delivered. 

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