Ever since the pandemic started, Filipinos were forced to find other sources of income to provide food on their table. Introducing FWECOMM, a platform designed to help people earn more and achieve financial freedom within months by investing their hard earned money in a stable company.

FWECOMM is a platform with a purpose to help people make money online in a form of Chip-In, where local businesses connect with individuals, groups, and institutions seeking investments.

Established in 2014 under the umbrella of Melko Outsourcing Solution Inc., the company is established to fund many businesses focusing on ecommerce projects. FWECOMM has facilitated over 35 Million Pesos worth of funds since it first launched in December 2020.

FWECOMM provides attractive returns up to 10% monthly. Activate your account for a minimum amount of P50,000 and start earning. Repayments plus the chip in amount will be given every 15 days within 3 months time. The company also accept chip-ins anytime and anywhere. Another way to earn is through referrals. Create an account and invite other investors who would like to chip-in and the company will reward you 3% upfront commission for referral. For transparency, FWECOMM will provide a platform where investors could review and monitor all projects within the company.

The company believes in unity, housing both business issuers and clients on their technology-enabled platform.

FWECOMM will be hosting its first event, the CEOs’ Dinner on January 29, 2021 at Inagiku Restaurant in Makati Shangri-La, Hotel.

For more information about the company, kindly visit www.fwecomm .com

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