A Natural Shift


If you have sensitive skin that gets easily irritated, pay attention—you have to be extra cautious when it comes to adding new products to your skincare regimen.

But while not every product is made for everyone, the good news is that there are a lot of products out there that can safely keep your skin hydrated, glowing, and healthy. And the one that tops the list is anchored on the science and innovation of Japanese skincare fused with the tradition and culture of its provenance—Japonesa®.

Skincare lines often tout the benefits of having hand-picked botanicals and natural ingredients in their formulations. However, a move towards ultra-gentle skincare that protects as it cleanses means looking beyond these ingredients and ensuring that everything that makes up the product is 100% natural and is free of artificial colorants and additives.

You want a product that works, and a product that is safe—we’re making sure that you get it,” begins, MJ Jamias CEO, Researcher and Cosmetic Scientist “Simplifying your approach to skincare goes back to choosing a product that doesn’t complicate it for you. So for us, this means relying on our brand’s heritage—the science behind our carefully chosen ingredients anchored on tradition and the innovation Japanese skincare is known for.

Japonesa®Soap is best known for having ingredients that are all-natural and scientifically researched to address common skin challenges—all the while drenching and nourishing your skin to protect it and keep it healthy. Every bar of Japonesa contains probiotics that promote better moisture absorption; lactoferrin to clarify your skin and prevent breakouts; glutathione to serve as an antioxidant; collagen to improve skin elasticity; olive oil to boost hydration, St. John’s Wort to prevent skin irritation and redness; glycerine to consistently hydrate the skin; and natural vanilla essence to slow signs of aging and leave its signature soothing scent.

But perhaps equally important to what ingredients are in each bar of Japonesa® soap are ingredients that they steer clear from to guarantee their gentle, skin-friendly formulation. Because just as you can rely on Japonesa®  to use only the best ingredients, you can also count on them to ensure that their skincare products are free from artificial fragrances, parabens, formaldehyde, triclosan, and other harsh, chemical-based ingredients that work only to harm your skin’s natural balance. 

We pride ourselves on our careful attention to detail—handcrafting our soaps to ensure its efficacy and its ability to deliver on our promise. The result is a product that quite simply, just works, and one that can be counted on to prevent nasty irritation or dryness, and is deeply hydrating and nourishing,” ends MJ Jamias CEO, Researcher and Cosmetic Scientist.

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