A Taste of Home at Tia Belle’s Tagaytay

Since its opening in 2012, Tia Belle’s Tagaytay has become one of the popular restaurants in the South for offering a truly Filipino food experience like no other! You will surely feel and get a taste of home while dining at their cozy and family-friendly restaurant.

Its heart-warming menu always carries the essence of our country’s rich cultural and historical background. Tia Belle’s serves an assortment of main courses from chicken, pork, beef, seafood, vegetable, merienda, and pancit dishes.

Must try is the restaurant bestsellers which include pancit malabon with its authentic rich flavor, the melt in your mouth pichi-pichi, the very satisfying and yummy-licious  miki bihon, bulalo lomi, and mucho lomi.

Evelyn Wise (also known as Tia Belle), the affable and hands-on owner of Tia Belle’s shares how she puts hard work and passion into her restaurant business. “Every time, I am at the kitchen, cooking and concocting sauces, I feel like dancing — dancing with my wok,” she smiles.  Having spent 20 years of her life in Europe, it was clear to her mind that she wanted to put up her own Filipino restaurant upon her return to the country. Cooking is like second-nature to this native of Nueva Ecija.

From its meticulous ingredients to the way it’s cooked, Tia Belle’s food absolutely stems from the all-important Filipino trait and that is hospitality. “We want to be of service to our fellow countrymen while keeping and incorporating the important values and traditions of what being Filipino is all about,” she quips. Part of its mission is to foster, share and celebrate Filipino cuisine and culture in a friendly and comfortable environment.

Furthermore, it puts a premium on quality and excellence. “We provide an optimal dining experience for our customers by making sure that their dining experience is our responsibility the minute they step into our restaurant,” she explains. “Only the freshest meat and healthiest ingredients are keys to our success!” 

It seeks to offer inventive and creative Filipino food with no pretensions. “We want to give our customers an authentic and genuine glimpse of the Philippines by honoring and delving into the Filipino culture and traditions through our services, atmosphere, art, and food,” says Evelyn.

A complete package

Tia Belle’s is a complete package – from the food, the ambiance, and to its hospitable and warm welcome of the staff and Tia Belle herself that will make you feel at home. You will love its native set up and display of old Filipino trimmings, a very calming and relaxing background music of kundiman (which you hardly hear these days).

No wonder, customers keep on coming back to Tia Belle’s. Here’s one testimonial from a satisfied customer.  “They served authentic and savory dishes that are not so costly. Tia Belle’s is like our home kitchen; you will not only get full but nourished; a place you will always love to come back to. My Tagaytay’s visit three times a week will not be complete without dining at Tia Belle’s. I will not get tired and I even bring my friends so they can also enjoy the great food especially the one I love most, the tsokolate batirol.”

Tia Belle’s accepts delivery or dine in, advance order or pick up, and observes health protocols for the safety of their staff and guests.

To complete the dining experience, Tia Belle’s has put up a gift shop called Tia’s Aromatherapy Essential Oil and Cleopatra from Canada to serve customers who want to bring home some souvenirs and gifts for their loved ones. 

On your way to Tagaytay, make sure to visit Tia Belle’s and have a taste of some of the dishes and delicacies that are uniquely Filipino. 

(Tia Belle’s is located at Putingkahoy, Silang Cavite, along Tagaytay – Sta. Rosa Rd. Contact Nos: 049 576 4155 | 0939 3868 648 | 0927 7133 558 | 0929 1852 084. Like and follow their FB page @https://www.facebook.com/TiaBellePansitMalabonAndPichiPichi)

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