Safety Takes the Spotlight at TDCX for a Happier Workplace

In an instructional video, TDCX demonstrates its safety and disinfection procedures for a happier, safer workplace.

With some employees now transitioning from work-from-home arrangements to on-site, occupational health and safety is the top priority of many. Navigating the so-called “new normal” comes with a set of protocols that changed the day-to-day routine of employees in the workplace.  

Global outsourcing company TDCX Philippines takes a serious, foolproof approach in addressing these changes. In an instructive video, Workspace Specialist Elijah Calumpiano narrated the procedures the BPO company has put in place to make sure that the organization is not  compliant with the Department of Health — by implementing the wearing of face masks and face shields, social distancing, temperature checking, and encouraging personal disinfection by handwashing — but also exceeds the minimum requirements to maintain workplace safety.

“We wanted an easy approach to letting all TDpeeps know how the ‘new normal’ in our workspace is going to go, and what better way to do that than with a video,” Elijah said of the production.

As part of its responsibility to attend to its employees’ health, a safety playbook has been prepared for employees as they enter the office. Once inside, they are only allowed access to certain areas assigned to them to further limit physical interactions. Disinfection booths in production areas are likewise provided to encourage employees to observe and practice disinfection of their own work devices.

Strict measures done by the company through its housekeeping department include the regular cleaning and disinfection of workstations, comfort rooms, and frequently touched surfaces in common areas like pantries and reception desks. 

“It gives me peace of mind knowing our safety in the workplace is taken seriously,” says Elijah. “I appreciate the extra steps they carried out to ensure the health of my colleagues and me — it makes me feel that I am in a company that truly cares for my well-being,”she added.    

With the organization’s emphasis on workplace safety, its employees or TDpeeps, as they are fondly called, can put their minds at ease and be more productive in fulfilling their professional goals every day. 

TDCX Workspace & Safety Director Connie Agregado said, “As a people-first BPO company, we’ve always been a believer that happy people produce happy results. By taking care of the essentials during this pandemic, our employees will be empowered to flourish in their career even during these unprecedented times.”  

In the past months, TDCX’s initiatives went beyond physical safety. Amid COVID-19, and even beyond it, the boutique company is committed to taking career fulfillment a notch above the rest, even tackling mental health matters and encouraging its team members to pursue their passion in the middle of the pandemic. This drive to go above and beyond what is required is in line with the company’s happiness ethos that aims to achieve more than just employee satisfaction. 

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