#BeHappier: How TDCX Nurtures its Company Culture

The Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) industry has constantly been thriving in the Philippines. The sector contributed around 60% of the country’s overall economic growth in 2018 and 2019; its human resource base has a 95% literate population with above-average communication skills, and the outlook is rosy with hopes that the industry will continue to attract investors if this growth is sustained.

BPOs, however, usually face an unfortunately high employee turnover rate. This has led to companies trying different approaches to take better care of their employees and give them a better work-life balance. TDCX Philippines is one company that has been upping the ante in promoting a culture of respect, diversity, and fun in the workplace. The company takes a different approach to retain employee buy-in by ensuring one thing: that its people should #BeHappier in the workplace — their home away from home.

Recently, TDCX has been recognized by HR Asia as one of the “Best Companies to Work For” for the second consecutive year. Aside from this, the company has also won more than 200 industry awards. Touted as a people-oriented company, it is successfully promoting a good work-life balance by providing employees with excellent work environments, comfortable spaces, various career growth opportunities, and a thriving culture.

According to a 2019 JobStreet study, TDCX Philippines’ compensation packages are 20% higher than the industry average. Apart from a competitive salary, other employee perks include performance bonuses, HMO on day one of the job, incentivized games, free coffee and snacks, lots of fun after-work activities, and even the use of massage chairs on some floors of the building.

The TDCX Culture

TDCX’s unique approach to cultivating company culture follows a framework that nurtures the 4Ps: People, Process, Performance, and Platform.

  • People: experiential-based training is provided to TDCX’s people, for learning experiences that are immersive and context-relevant. The company also believes in fair pay for all, so all employees are equitably paid a compensation package that’s ranked in the top quartile of the industry standard.
  • Process: specific workflows and collaboration processes are practiced and implemented to serve TDCX’s customers better. Most team leaders across the region are armed with COPC certification— the gold standard for customer experience operations.
  • Performance: TDCX has a culture of continuous learning, priding itself on being resilient and having contingencies for unexpected situations.
  • Platform: the company has provided state-of-the-art facilities for a home away from home for its people. TDCX has also developed a stack of groundbreaking CX tools to help their clients stand out.

TDCX continues to strive for excellence when it comes to employee engagement. Last year, the company scored an impressive rating of 95% in Employee Satisfaction. This just proves that TDCX holds true to its promise of creating value both for its people and clients. And with its #BeHappier campaign, TDCX is aiming to raise morale and satisfaction among employees to also increase their productivity.

TDCX on being happier

When asked about how the #BeHappier concept came about, Director of Marketing & Communications Javier López-Sanz Chulvi said that it was a culmination of what the management wanted for their people. “Everything we do always boils down to making our people happier, making their lives better in our own ways.”

The belief that happy employees also mean happy clients rings true with the company. “We stay true to the company’s vision to be the preferred partner to high growth organizations and high performing individuals, and we are certain that there’s no better way to get there than with happier people in our teams,” López-Sanz added.

TDCX Philippines also pivoted at the height of the pandemic, still ensuring a healthy working environment for all employees. “The focus here has been safety and job security. During this crazy year, we shifted to a work-from-home setup, and the company did all it could to make our employees’ lives better,” López-Sanzexplained. “We provided the necessary equipment to them, along with internet, special allowances, and the attention needed from their teams. For those who opted to work in the office, we maintained the strictest safety procedures.”

Workspace Specialist Meg Transmonte shares her experience with TDCX. “This organization cares a lot about their employees. Not only did they assure us about our employment status when the lockdown started, they even went the extra mile and extended the #BeHappier campaign to our homes by providing us with everything we need for a conducive work environment, plus allowances on top of that. There were also online activities that still bonded us as teams. They practice what they preach so I definitely feel more motivated and nurtured with the effort from the management.”

Even with all the difficulties that have come this year, TDCX Philippines chooses to stay true to its promise of building a happy workplace for their employees, whether it be online or offline, and upholding its #BeHappier culture always, in all ways. To know more about TDCX, visit https://www.tdcx.com.

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